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Golf Tournament Ideas


Arranging golf competition


Essential Golf Rules


Golf Tournament Formats

Golf Tournament Ideas

Golf tournaments, whether they're used for business purposes or as charity events, have exploded in popularity over the past few years. Most serious golfers could attend a tournament every weekend (and some do), so creating a unique event can be a daunting task.


Ideas for Managing Your Golf Tournament


Before you begin registering golfers and requesting online donations and sponsorship fees, you'll want to create a plan of action for how you'll manage your charity golf tournament.


  • Golf Fundraising Ideas: Before the Event



Reach out to the community for event sponsorships. What a great way to start out on the right financial footing. By hosting a large charity golf tournament that draws in businesses and influential community members, selling cash and in-kind sponsorship packages should be easy.

Golf Marathons

One golf fundraising idea is to host a golf marathon or "golf-a-thon" - a rather new initiative in fundraising golf tournaments that engages players in recruiting sponsorships and donations.

Sell Golf Merchandise

If your organization created apparel for the tournament with collared visors, golf shirts, hats, golf balls, etc. (with sponsor logos), this is a great time to sell them!


  • Golf Fundraising Ideas: On the Course


Fundraising Raffle

Reach out to the local community months before the actual tournament to get a variety of prizes donated. Showcase the items before the tournament starts so people can see the items they could win and sell the raffle tickets before they hit the course.

Cash-Bar Golf Cart

Golf trucks individuals love golf trucks. Plastered individuals love golf trucks much more. What's more, for those 20+ debilitations, this will accelerate the pace of play.

Golf Tournament Contests

You can also raise more money on the course through hosting golf tournament contests at different holes throughout the day. Some examples include: closest to the pin, beat the pro, longest drive, etc.


  • Golf Fundraising Ideas: After the Tournament

Golf Charity Auction

One great way to raise additional funds is to host a golf charity auction as part of your charity golf tournament. Since your golf tournament event is bound to attract a number of attendees, a golf charity auction is great way to earn additional funds, while providing an opportunity for guests to bid on valuable one-of-a-kind items.

Golf Tournament Dinner & Banquet

Since golf outings usually attract a large number of people from your community, this is a fantastic time to host a dinner or banquet in conjunction with the tournament.