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Essential Golf Rules


– At the principal tee 10 minutes before your tee time

- Before start, all players ought to recognize what ball sort he/she is playing with

- Likewise stamp your ball with marker

- stroke punishment for hit the wrong ball

- Extends from the markers to 2 club-lengths behind

- Ball must be teed up around there

- If ball is accidently thumped from the tee before you tee off No punishment, you can tee the ball up once more

- Every stroke tallies, regardless of the fact that you miss the ball. On the off chance that proposed as swing – it checks.

- After an air shot on tee, the ball is in play and can never again be touched

- If you think that you won't have the capacity to discover ball or on the off chance that it has arrived outside the field of play,

On the off chance that you don't expressly report the second ball as temporary it naturally turns into the new ball with a 1 stroke punishment



- Do NOT sever anything or twist anything off the beaten path

- stroke punishment

- Free obstructions

- regular items can be evacuated without punishment

- If ball moves therefore, set it back stroke punishment

- Bottles, jars, signs, stakes can be expelled without punishment

- If ball moves therefore, set it back without punishment

- Removing beyond the field of play posts never allowed 2 stroke punishment

- Roads, ways with a fake surface simulated articles

- Free help IF they meddle with the ball's lie, your position, or you're swing

- To take help: closest point where to take position or swing without obstruction, and drop inside 1 club-length (no closer the gap)

- Ground under repair, easygoing water, and so on.

- If ball is lying in, or you would need to take position in free alleviation

- To take alleviation: closest point where ball/position is no more in the territory and drop inside 1 club-length (no closer opening)

- If a ball is in a to a great degree awful position, the player can proclaim an unplayable untruth

- If you hit a temporary, you should utilize your unique ball if found regardless of the possibility that unplayable